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AM 1450 KMMS: Tester Silent as Veterans Resources Diverted to Illegal Aliens

02.21.24 |


We first told you about this story 2 1/2 months ago. The VA is using VA resources that should be going to veterans to instead process health care claims for illegal aliens. And the Chairman of the Senate VA Committee, Jon Tester, remains silent (despite the below headline).

Fox News has the story Monday morning: Vulnerable Dem senator breaks silence on Biden admin providing veteran medical resources to illegal immigrants (Original headline read: “Vulnerable Senate Dem silent” but then Tester responded to story without really standing up for veterans)

As Fox News reports, not only is Tester refusing to speak out against Veterans Affairs (VA) employees processing claims for illegal aliens, he voted against a bill that would have blocked taxpayer funded healthcare for illegal aliens.

In 2013, Tester voted against an amendment offered by then-Sen. Jeff Session, R-Ala., to prevent illegal immigrants from accessing free, taxpayer-funded healthcare. That amendment, which failed in a vote of 43 to 56, would have established a “deficit-neutral reserve fund to achieve savings by prohibiting illegal immigrants or illegal immigrants granted legal status from qualifying for federally subsidized health care.”

Here’s the response from Republican US Senate candidate and Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy:

Tim Sheehy: Illegal immigrants are taking care away from our veterans and Two-Faced Tester is doing nothing. Absolutely shameful. Put veterans first. End illegal immigration. Fix the VA! #RetireTester

Read more from the original publication HERE.


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