President Trump Endorses Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate

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Billings Gazette: Letter to the editor: Sheehy will put veterans before politics

02.04.24 |


In response to Tim Sheehy’s recent piece (Gazette Jan. 19) on his platform as a candidate, I wanted to provide my perspective as a veteran and Purple Heart recipient. The way you treat America’s veterans is telling about who you are as a leader, and it’s why I’ll be supporting Sheehy for Senate.

As a decorated combat veteran himself, Sheehy knows the cost of freedom and how to protect it at home. He’ll work toward better care for those who served, along with ensuring the freedoms we sacrificed for are preserved.

Sen. Jon Tester on the other hand has had every opportunity to serve veterans but has failed.

Wait and drive times for care at the VA are far too long. Laws are in place that allow veterans to go outside the VA if the wait or drive are excessive, but the VA has created barriers to us using those options. Tester has allowed this to happen, plain and simple.

I’m blessed to go outside the VA for my care. Otherwise, I could very well be dead from the substandard care I received.

Tester markets himself as a champion for veterans, but I’m not convinced.

His position on the Senate VA Committee should have yielded a VA that works for veterans, but instead we languish waiting for care in dilapidated VA buildings that Tester has blocked from being streamlined.

I don’t want lip service. I want a leader who will put veterans before politics and bureaucracy. That leader is Tim Sheehy.

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