President Trump Endorses Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate

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Billings Gazette: Tim Sheehy: Kick out the career politicians, time for new leadership

01.19.24 |


My wife and I were honored to lead Americans in battle worldwide, her as a U.S. Marine Corps officer and me as a Navy SEAL Team Leader. After I was wounded, I was blessed to live the American Dream — starting a business with an all-veteran team, creating hundreds of Montana jobs, protecting communities from wildfires, and donating millions across Montana to increase access to critical health care.

I never considered entering politics until Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal washed away the sacrifices made by our family and closest friends. It was heart-wrenching looking into my children’s eyes, knowing this failure marked an inflection point for America.

Not to mention that the career politicians back in Washington have dug us into a massive hole. If we don’t right the ship now, we may never recover. The first step to solving our country’s problems is kicking them out.

As a father to four young children and a business owner responsible for hundreds of families, the decision to run for U.S. Senate was tough, but when your country calls, you must answer.

It’s time for new conservative leadership to save our country from the career politicians — Republicans and Democrats — who run for office after office, go to D.C. to get rich, and lecture us about “fighting for you” while our problems only get worse.

We need political outsiders to deliver the conservative common sense solutions Montanans want, and our country needs, but Jon Tester hasn’t delivered.

Montanans want safe streets, cheap gas, a secure border, America First foreign policy, rising household incomes, a balanced budget, and our kids going to good schools and knowing that boys are boys and girls are girls. If we focus on bringing true conservative leadership back to D.C., we will win in 2024.

Republicans must coalesce around winning — something Republicans haven’t always done, but the alternative is to leave these Marxists who weaponize cancerous ideologies like DEI and ESG and don’t represent our values in control—and to me, that’s unacceptable. As a public company’s CEO, I know personally how this woke crap is stripping us of our freedoms. We must fight back, but that’s only possible if we win.

The Biden-Tester agenda has been a disaster, leaving Americans worse off today than in decades, with Tester voting 91% for Biden’s damaging policies.

After 18 years in Washington, Tester has failed to secure the border, deliver veterans a functioning VA, stand up to adversaries like China and Iran, fight back against the liberal’s job-killing energy agenda, or balance the budget.

Tester has become everything that’s wrong with Washington. He broke his own ethics pledge to Montanans by letting lobbyists write his bills, holds secret meetings with lobbyists, became the number one recipient of lobbyist cash while getting six times richer in office and becoming a multimillionaire, all while benefitting from tens of millions in SuperPAC and out-of-state dark money.

It’s time for political outsiders who can’t be bought to replace the swamp-controlled career politicians.

America is at a crossroads. Record inflation, open borders, rising crime, collapsing foreign policy, depressed real incomes, unattainable housing prices, and out-of-control debt. Control of the U.S. Senate will decide if the next decade is one where we actually solve these problems to save the American Dream and deliver prosperity and growth while protecting our freedoms and liberties.

Liberal coastal elites will make this the most expensive race per vote in history because they need Tester to pass their radical agenda. The ads you see on TV? All paid for by Chuck Schumer and Tester’s liberal dark money allies.

Together, we will defeat them, and I’ll fight alongside President Trump to rebuild our economy with low inflation, unleash American energy, secure the border, get tough on crime, re-establish peace through strength, and restore Montana common sense in D.C.

Montanans have an opportunity to secure our children’s future and save America. Let’s take it.

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