President Trump Endorses Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate

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Bitterroot Star: Support for Sheehy

04.30.24 |


One of the perils of politics is that when someone votes 90+ percent for the party, it is difficult to do the right thing. Especially the right thing for Montana.

Not one peep escaped Sen. Tester’s mouth about yet another ill-conceived dictatorial Biden mandate. Tester may be a Montanan, but his values are exactly the same as Biden’s.

Last year, 84 percent of all cars/trucks sold in this country were powered by internal combustion engines. Meaning gasoline, diesel, etc.

Biden’s newest folly places Montana residents, ranchers, hunters, boaters, floaters and anyone who tows anything in a serious world of hurt.  

Biden dictates that by 2027 the government will restrict internal combustion vehicles to 64 percent of total sold. Worse yet, in eight years, the cap will be 29 percent!!

Electric vehicles harm the environment and roads. They’re expensive. Gas taxes drop. EV do not perform well in cold weather. They’re not for rural communities/states. Without massive subsidies (your tax dollars) EV would not be a reality. The list of EV negatives continues to grow.  

Where is Tester’s voice on this matter? Tester does not represent me in much of what he says or how he votes. By voting for Tim Sheehy this fall, you will retire Tester to his farm. Tim Sheehy does not approve of stupid Biden/Tester policies. Neither do I.

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