President Trump Endorses Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate

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Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Letter to the editor: Sheehy will make needed changes to the VA

03.14.24 |


I’ve seen a wide range of opinions on Tim Sheehy’s candidacy for Senate, and I wanted to provide my opinion as a veteran.

Being a veteran doesn’t make you qualified for office by any means, but it does give you a unique perspective on freedom and liberty. As a man who put on a uniform to secure those pillars of American life, Tim Sheehy would bring a unique and valuable perspective to Washington.

An issue that hits close to home for me is the way the United States cares for veterans. We’re given the Department of Veterans Affairs to manage our medical care, but I hear far too many horror stories of terrible care at VAs around the country.

Sen. Tester says he’s a champion for veterans, but the suicide and opioid epidemics are raging, we struggle to access mental health care, VA facilities are literally falling apart, wait times are weeks or months long, our drives to VA clinics can take hours, and we read in the news that unauthorized migrants at the border easily get free medical care in the community, managed by VA, while veterans are denied the option to step foot outside the VA.

Veterans need care on their terms, not the VA’s. After years in leadership, Sen. Tester has proven he can’t or won’t make that happen, so it’s time for new leadership.

I trust that Tim Sheehy will make some needed changes in veterans care, and that his leadership is exactly what we need for Montana. 

Myles Thompson


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