President Trump Endorses Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate

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Breitbart News: Exclusive – Pro-Tim Sheehy Super PAC Ad: He ‘Will Stand Up to Communist China’

01.17.24 |


The More Jobs, Less Government PAC supporting Montana businessman, former Navy SEAL, and Senate Republican candidate Tim Sheehy, released an ad highlighting the Senate hopeful’s support of former President Donald Trump and strong position on China, obtained first by Breitbart News.

“There’s only one Montana conservative running for Senate who always puts America first and will stand up to Communist China: Navy SEAL Tim Sheehy,” the ad begins.

“Tim Sheehy will stop China from buying our farmland, crack down on Chinese currency manipulation, and will always fight to defend American jobs from the Chinese Communist Party,” it continues, highlighting Sheehy’s pro-Trump position.

“Navy SEAL. Political outsider. Pro-Trump conservative. Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate,” it adds.

The ad is part of the greater six-figure statewide radio ad buy in the Missoula and Great Falls Markets, which will run over the course of the next four weeks.

The ad also follows the Last Best Place PAC attacking Sheehy in attempts to interfere in the U.S. primary race. The group has reportedly spent $2.6 million doing so. However, the More Jobs, Less Government PAC took issue with that line of attack and addressed it head-on in a radio ad.

“Have you seen an ad from Last Best Place PAC? The one’s calling America-first conservative Tim Sheehy ‘shady Sheehy,’” the radio ad states, revealing that the Last Best Place PAC is tied to “big-money Democrat donors.”

“Why? Because Democrats are trying to interfere in the Republican primary to hurt pro-Trump Tim Sheehy and help liberal Jon Tester,” the radio ad revealed.

Sheehy is indeed a pro-Trump conservative, even serving as a surrogate for Trump during the Iowa Caucus on Monday night, which Trump won in a historic landslide.

“It’s an honor to attend the Iowa Caucus tonight as a surrogate for President Donald J. Trump. President Trump has a plan to secure the border, make our economy great again, and put an end to the chaos around the world unleashed by Joe Biden’s weakness,” Sheehy said in a statement ahead of the caucus.

“Despite relentless attacks from the media, Democrat prosecutors, and his opponents, President Donald J. Trump is still standing strong,” he continued, encouraging “every Republican around the country to rally around President Trump — he’s the strong conservative political outsider to save our country from the corrupt career politicians in D.C. and put America First!”

Sheehy endorsed Trump last April while all eyes go to his possible challenger, Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT), who chose to wait and did not endorse Trump until December. Polling released in November showed Sheehy taking a lead over Rosendale.

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