President Trump Endorses Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate

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Carbon County News: Sheehy jets in with aim to remove Tester and save the country

04.04.24 |


Republican Senate candidate Tim Sheehy is in a determined mood, as befits his time as a U.S. Navy Seal, to remove Jon Tester and President Joe Biden from office and stabilize the nation.

“This country is at a crossroads,” Sheehy voiced at a Republican meeting in Red Lodge last week.

“We can’t keep printing money six times faster than the economy is growing, we can’t wage war on energy and be surprised when we pay $6 a gallon for diesel, we can’t tell our boys they can be girls and the girls they can be boys and then be surprised when they get gender dysphoria and depression.”

These are basic truths Sheehy said “but if you speak the truth, you’re a conspiracy theorist, you’re a bigot, a racist.”

“If you are against illegal immigrants coming over and you complain, you’re a racist. I’m not a racist. I think this doesn’t make any sense, no other country would do this, so why are we? We’re a nation built on immigration and I want them to come here, but the right way and work and pay their taxes.”

“We need to look after ourselves first, because we won’t be able to prop up the first world order much longer.”

“We need to stop sending troops overseas to fight wars. We need to stop trying to establish our culture on other countries. It doesn’t work, there is no gain to the American people. Anything we do, should benefit this country.”

He talked of the improving economy of South Korea commenting that it’s improved because of the 22,000 American troops protecting the border with North Korea.

“It is an amazing economy, and the only reason is, because there are 53,000 American troops who died out there. We need to send them a bill for $22 trillion, and also to Germany and France.”

“We have a soaring national debt, millions of dollars of student loans when we don’t have enough trades people, the people that helped build this nation.”

“We won’t have a country left in 10 years and if we don’t adjust our spending the only thing our tax dollars will cover is the national debt. There will be no social security, no highways, no military, no FFA, no FEMA, there will be money for nothing. If that doesn’t scare you, you need your head examined.”

Sheehy told those attending the top two most respected institutions in the United States are small business and the military.

The least respected is the government he said.

“How do we raise the confident? We need to kick out the lawyers and lobbyists and lairs and replace them with good people that want to get things done, that are respected.”

Congress has forgotten its accountability to the people Sheehy believes and he firmly supports term limits for both houses.

He urged those present to get the word out about the importance of this coming election and to vote.

“2024 will be our only chance to take control of the senate in a decade. Tester and his camp are outspending us 10-1, 20-1, but we will beat them on the ground. You can have all the money but ground insurgence will win in the end.”

He warned that if the opposition win the senate they’ll end the filibuster, allow more states, DC and Puerto Rico, and increase the Supreme Court.

“That will take a generation to recover from. If Trump doesn’t win, the senate is our fire wall, it is that critical.”

Sheehy closed by saying, “I’m sick of political sound bites, and hearing the same rhetoric from both sides. I’m not a well trained politician from Columbia or Yale who is coached through this crap.”

“We need conversation, we might not always agree, but we owe our children more than just sound bites,” he said.

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