President Trump Endorses Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate

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Fox News: Senate candidate and former Navy SEAL says ‘soft-on-crime DAs’ more focused on Trump than violent migrants

02.07.24 |


U.S. Senate candidate Tim Sheehy called out New York officials for the release of an illegal immigrant accused of brutally assaulting law enforcement officers, suggesting the state is more focused on charging former President Donald Trump than violent criminals.

“The crime we’re seeing on our streets right now is a direct result of soft-on-crime policies from coast to coast in this country,” Sheehy, a Montana Republican and former Navy SEAL, told Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview. “Soft-on-crime DAs that apparently have time to prosecute Donald Trump for decades-old spurious cases, yet they don’t have time to arrest and hold illegal immigrants who have assaulted police officers in the street.”

A group of illegal immigrants were recently arrested in New York after being caught on camera attacking an NYPD officer and lieutenant in Times Square, but the state sparked public outrage after one of the individuals was seen being freed from custody just days later. 

“It’s unconscionable what we’re seeing happen to law enforcement in this country; these soft-on-crime policies, anti-cop policies, defund the police, abolish ICE, the list goes on,” Sheehy said the New York assault is a result of failed crime policies.

He added that the police officers didn’t fight back, “because they knew they would not be supported by their DA.” 

“Jon Tester and the Democrat Party have been anti-law enforcement for years, and now we’re seeing the results of it from big cities in New York to small towns across the country. We’re seeing our brave men and women in blue being sold down the river by Democrat elected officials,” he told Fox.

Sheehy pointed to the state focusing on cases surrounding Republican presidential front-runner Trump, but allowing violent criminals to walk the streets and flee the state.

“Meanwhile, we’re seeing millions and millions of dollars spent on political prosecutions of Donald Trump, other conservatives around the country,” the Republican said. “Apparently, the DAs and our law enforcement agencies have the time and money to do that, but they don’t have the time and money to arrest and deport illegal immigrants, protect our men and women in blue, and obviously, in the case of these men in New York City, arrest and hold violent criminals. It’s unconscionable.”

Sheehy added that if he is elected to the Montana Senate in 2024, he “will be extremely strict on only approving cabinet appointees and judicial nominees that are pro-law enforcement and pro-rule of law.”

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