President Trump Endorses Tim Sheehy for U.S. Senate

President Biden and Jon Tester’s reckless policies have given us record high inflation, rising grocery prices, and higher energy costs. I will work to end the out-of-control spending and the disastrous economic policies that are crushing Montana families and small businesses. 

We must repeal the new EPA job-killing energy regulations and mandates that the Democrats put on our economy that are driving up costs and preventing us from being energy independent – this serves only to embolden our adversaries and makes energy costs soar for hardworking Montanans. We must also take a strong stand against the disastrous socialist Green New Deal that would destroy Montana’s economy and jobs and devastate our communities. 

It’s time to make America energy independent and dominant once again. We can power America’s resurgence with the greatest form of energy known to man, our God given natural resources. We are blessed here with abundant coal, minerals, timber and grasslands – let’s make sure Montana producers come first. We should be able to responsibly develop those resources here at home to create more high-paying jobs, lower energy costs, and support our communities, all while protecting the environment. This isn’t an either/or choice like the left would have you believe. We can do both.