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Montana Talks: Powerful Message from Fellow Montana Navy SEAL for Tim Sheehy

05.14.24 |


Navy SEAL veteran and GOP Senate candidate Tim Sheehy’s campaign just released a powerful new video from a fellow Montana Navy SEAL veteran.

Bo Reichenbach is a Navy SEAL from Billings, Montana who lost both of his legs following an IED attack in Afghanistan back in the summer of 2012. Here’s a report from the Billings Gazette about a month after the attack occurred, as Bo was recovering at Walter Reed.

I remember when Bo was wounded, as my fellow American Legion friend George Blackard called me shortly after the attack happened. If I remember right, I was in Airborne School in Fort Benning, GA at the time, shortly after I had gotten home from my 3rd deployment overseas.

A few weeks ago, I attended a meet and great with Navy SEAL veteran and US Senate candidate Tim Sheehy at the VFW in the Billings Heights. While I had first gotten to know Sheehy several years ago, I appreciate seeing how candidates interact and connect with voters during in person meet and greet events.

I forgot who I was talking to, but they told me that before that event that Sheehy was meeting with Bo Reichenbach because they had served together in Afghanistan. In fact, Sheehy was there when Bo was wounded. Wow.

Here’s the video of the ad where Bo says “Tim Sheehy is exactly who we need in the Senate.”

Read more from the original publication HERE.


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