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Tim Sheehy Releases Ethics Pledge

10.26.23 |

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“I will raise the bar for ethical responsibility and accountability in Washington.”

Tim Sheehy

Belgrade, MT – Former Navy SEAL, aerial firefighter, and conservative candidate for U.S. Senate Tim Sheehy today released an ethics pledge and announced he will raise the bar for ethical responsibility and accountability in the U.S. Senate.

“As a former Navy SEAL, combat veteran, aerial firefighter, and successful business owner, I’ve learned what it means to have service, sacrifice, and accountability at the center of my mission – and that’s the type of leadership we need back in Washington,” Tim Sheehy said. “When I make a promise, I keep it – unlike the career politicians who are more focused on their political careers than serving our country. As your next Senator, I am pledging to the people of Montana that I will raise the bar for ethical responsibility and accountability in Washington.”

As Montana’s next U.S. Senator, Tim Sheehy pledges the following:

After being elected to the U.S. Senate, Tim Sheehy will put all his stocks, bonds, commodities, and other securities into a blind trust.

As Senator, Tim Sheehy will work to impose a lifetime lobbyist ban for former members of Congress.

As Senator, Tim Sheehy will seek to institute term limits on members of Congress, including three House terms and two Senate terms.

As Senator, Tim Sheehy will work to ban individual stock, bonds, commodities, and all other securities trading by members of Congress and their spouses.

As Senator, Tim Sheehy is committed to passing legislation that ensures politicians who fail to pass a balanced budget don’t get paid

After being elected to the U.S. Senate, as required by Senate Ethics Rules 36 and 37, Tim Sheehy will step down as CEO of Bridger Aerospace and step down from Bridger Aerospace’s Board of Directors.

As former Navy SEAL, aerial firefighter, and conservative candidate for U.S. Senate Tim Sheehy pledges to raise the bar for ethical responsibility and accountability in Washington, his opponent, Democrat career politician Jon Tester, failed to keep promises made in a 2006 ethics pledge used as a keystone of his first campaign for U.S. Senate.

Multiple reports show ethics violations and broken promises piling up against Tester. 

Read more here:

“Democratic Sen. Jon Tester failed to fulfill multiple promises he made in a public ethics pledge during his first Senate campaign in 2006, including a vow to publicly post meetings between members of his Senate staff and lobbyists.” (CNN, 9/13/23)

Jon Tester let lobbyists write his bills, run his campaign, and has even hid meetings with them from his public schedule. 

“During his second Senate run, Jon Tester promised Montanans that, unlike his opponent, he wouldn’t depend upon lobbyists to make decisions. Now internal emails show the Democrat is letting lobbyists write his legislation.” (Free Beacon, 5/8/23)

“Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) didn’t disclose a meeting last October on his public calendar at a Boeing facility in Arizona that was attended by a registered lobbyist for the company, despite his promise to post details of his public schedule…” (POLITICO, 7/19/23)

“During his first run for Senate, Montana Democrat Jon Tester condemned lawmakers who hire lobbyists, saying that the ‘revolving door is going to stop with me.’ Years later, Tester is seeking his fourth term in the upper chamber—with a former lobbyist leading his campaign.” (Free Beacon, 4/18/23)

Tester funneled billions of dollars to the companies of lobbyists and executives who are bankrolling his campaign:

“Now as he looks to win a fourth term in a race that could decide control of the Senate, Tester is embracing a practice he once held against his opponent: taking contributions from lobbyists and executives of corporations while helping craft a government spending package that directs billions of dollars. After Tester became chair of the Senate Defense Appropriations subcommittee in 2021, he received campaign contributions totaling over $160,000 from employees and committees representing the defense industry. At one point last year, 49 Lockheed Martin executives and lobbyists — none of whom had given to the senator in the past — gave Tester’s campaign a combined total of nearly $50,000.” (AP, 6/23/23)

Tester claims he wants to ban former lawmakers from becoming lobbyists, but he has taken more than $100,000 from lobbyists who are former senators and House members: 

“Since 2006, at least two dozen former senators and House members who have gone on to lobbying careers have contributed personally or through their old campaign committees more than $100,000 combined to Tester’s campaigns and affiliated PACs, records reviewed by NBC News show. While there is no indication that any of the donations were made explicitly with political influence in mind, they are emblematic of the revolving-door behavior that Tester has long railed against publicly.” (NBC, 9/22/23)

About Tim Sheehy:

Tim Sheehy completed several deployments and hundreds of missions as a Navy SEAL Officer and Team Leader, deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, and the Pacific region. Sheehy was involved in dozens of engagements with enemy forces, earning him multiple combat decorations, including the Bronze Star with Valor for Heroism in Combat and the Purple Heart Medal. 

After being wounded in combat, Sheehy founded Bridger Aerospace in 2014 in his barn with all his savings and an all-veteran team. He led the growth of Bridger Aerospace and its sister company, Ascent Vision Technologies, and took Bridger Aerospace public on the NASDAQ in 2023. Today, Bridger Aerospace is a major Montana employer having created over 200 Montana jobs and is one of only a few publicly traded companies in Montana. Tim also owns Little Belt Cattle Company which provides vertically integrated beef production through its Certified Montana Beef program, giving Montana ranchers more local alternatives to the big four meat packers. 

In addition to his responsibilities as CEO of Bridger, Sheehy is an active firefighting pilot and has completed hundreds of firefighting missions across the American west, protecting our communities from devastation as a pilot of the CL415EAF Water Bomber. 

Sheehy and his wife Carmen have four children. Carmen is also a veteran, serving as a US Marine in Afghanistan.


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